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Wednesday night has always been the boys night out. A couple of beers down the pub and putting the world to rights. Back in September 2002, I returned from Australia and set the challenge. Why don't we try and visit a different pub each week for the year?? Well why we did. That first year we managed 54 different pubs and so it has continued ever since. The peak was in 2004-05 when we managed 73 but things declined a bit in 2005-2006 when we all decided to get girlfriends! Since then its been a bit of a downhill trend but still hoping we might get out a bit more in the future...

So what is wednesday pub?
wednesday pub is our experiences and ratings of the pubs we have visited over the last 5 years or so. It is purely our thoughts based on what we like - well cared for real ale and a nice welcoming pub. Every Wednesday we set out, decide on the way where we are going and rate the pubs we visit. This is not a list of every pub we've ever been to - just the ones we've visited on a Wednesday evening and therefore within a reasonable distance of home.

What are the ratings based on?
We don't have any generic criteria that we rate pubs by, we just come up with a score out of 5 based on the quality and variety of the beer, location, decor, general atmosphere and maybe even the staff behind the bar (well the female ones anyway!). Please read our disclaimer.

Whats New (November 2012)?
Still keeping things updated with other pubs that I go to. Determined to beat last year's record of one pub with the boys...

Pubs visited summarised by year*:

2002-2003: 54
2003-2004: 62
2004-2005: 73
2005-2006: 37
2006-2007: 51
2007-2008: 27
2008-2009: 12
2009-2010: 5
2010-2011: 3
2011-2012: 1
2012-2013: 5
2013-2014: 3
2014-2015: 1
2015-2016: 1
2016-2017: 1

* - These are the number of pubs visited and rated as a group not just the number I have personally been to in the course of the year

(c) - Please read our disclaimer.

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